Monday, April 28, 2008

Halamang Gamot na lang...

Oregano, pito-pito, banaba, bayabas, bawang, kalamansi at iba pa. Do you already have these medicinal plants in your backyard? You might be wondering why the heck I am asking this. Well, with the rising prices of medicines we should have alternatives in case one of our family members gets sick. We should always be ready. Sabi nga ng iba mas daig ng maagap ang masikap.

Hay but why are medicines very expensive here in the Philippines? According to my Competitive Strategy professor, medicines are expensive here because pharmaceutical companies still need to import the different chemicals and substances that they use in their products. Importing chemicals ad substances add cost to the product. Aside from that, the different marketing activities of these companies also add. But these two are not the most costly. Getting doctors to prescribe a certain brand is the most costly because they are the ones who directly influence the patients. So knowing this, pharma companies use all means to make doctors prescribe their products. They sometimes give them free samples or sometimes invite them to conferences free of charge. The expenses incurred by these companies in their marketing programs are then passed to the shoulders of consumers.

Hay poor us, looks like we really need to start planting medicinal plants in our backyard.

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